About US

About Us.

Sole Survivor Pools.com is Owned and Operated by Sports Business Interactive LLC. ,with operational and marketing assistance from CI Fantasy Sports.

This website provides Season long Survivor Pools for the NFL regular Season, NHL Regular Season, MLB Regular Season, and BPL Regular Season. We have been providing quality contests from the fall of 2012 till now. We have drawn on the experience of CI Fantasy Sports with their experience and understanding of the Fantasy Sports industry from 2002 till now.

To Contact Sole Survivor Pools.com for contest related inquiries, use the links below:

  1. Contest and General Support Inquiries:     support@solesurvivorpools.com
  2. Prize Awards and Payment Inquiries:         payments@cfgcanada.com


There is no direct phone support for this contest. Our online support system will make every effort to respond to your inquiry within 24 hours. We strive for excellent customer service, but due to the volume of email questions and inquiries, there may be times that your inquiry is not answered within the 24 hour time period. We will do our best to get to all of your needs in as timely a manner as possible. Thank you.


To Contact Sports Business Interactive LLC. directly:

Sports Business Interactive LLC (SBI).

Hunkins Waterfront Plaza

PO Box 556

Charlestown, Nevis, West Indies

  1. General email inquiries: manager@sbinteractive.com
  2. CI Fantasy Sports – Operational Support Winnipeg CAN: (204) 800-3471 (e) support@cifantasysports.com


The SBI and CI Fantasy Sports offices may NOT have access directly to the contests of Sole Survivor Pools.com. Inquiries or troubleshooting of Sole Survivor Pools.com contests should go directly to the email support system of Sole Survivor Pools.com. SBI and CI Fantasy Sports may or may not return inquiries related to specific support issue on that platform.

CI Fantasy Sports is a partner of SBI and supports sales, marketing and contest support for SBI and Solesurvivorpools.com.