Sole Survivor Football Challenge 2018!

Registration Starts August 15 2018!

Over $300,000.00 in CASH and Prizes available to be WON!


Football “FA17” Bracket Contest begins registration August 15th, 2018. This contest open till 6000 entries received.

Football “FB14, FC17, FD17, ETC” Bracket Contest will launch when 5000 registrants total is reached in each of the preceding F Bracket contests.


How to Play: To play Survivor Pool Football, you need to enter, then pick One (1) team EACH week of the Season that you feel will either win or tie their game that week. Pick correctly and you advance to the next week. If your team loses then you are out…..simple as that. This Survivor pool is a little different than most. We accept late registration….which means if you wish to register late, WE pick the winner of Week ONE for You. Early registration gets to pick their team in Week One or use the weekly pick if their week one pick does not work out. You can only pick a Team ONCE during the full season of the contest.

There will be NO Bye week during the course of this contest, so you must have an active pick each week to advance. If no pick is made it will be considered a loss. To activate your online web services as part of your entry, the cost is $150.00 USD. You may activate as many entries as you wish in each bracket you enter. Each bracket we launch will have a maximum of 6,000 total entries, and we will open as many brackets as registration and time will allow us before the Thursday of Week 2 of the Regular season, based on the National Football League Regular season Schedule.

NOW!! “Get in the Game”

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Prize Structure: Total Prize Pool $302,500.00 USD*.


Grand Prize: (Last Person Standing) – $200,000.00 USD*

2nd Place – $50,000.00 USD*

3rd Place – $20,000.00 USD*

4th Place – $10,000.00 USD*

5th Place – $7,500.00 USD*

6th Place – $5,000.00 USD*

7th Place – $4,000.00 USD*

8th Place – $3,000.00 USD*

9th Place – $2,000.00 USD*

10th Place – $1,000.00 USD*

All ties in the Top 10 share the combined total of their tied positions. For example if 5 people finish tied for 2nd place, each of the 5 would get an equal share of the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th spot totals.

*Prize payout structure is modified with activated entries below 3753 entries. See rules and regulations for full details


2018 Rules and Regulations – Click here to review a pdf copy of the rules.